Welcome to Queensland Association of Special Education Leaders

As President of the Queensland Association of Special Education Leaders (QASEL), I welcome you to our Association.

QASEL represents, advocates for and supports Principals of Special Schools and associate Principal member colleagues, Deputy Principals, Deputy Principals Special Education, Heads of Special Education Services (HOSES), Heads of Curriculum other associate members and aspirant leaders across the three sectors, special, primary and secondary in Queensland.

QASEL has state wide representation through members of the leadership team i.e. President, three Vice Presidents, one specifically according to our Constitution for a HOSES VP, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President and ten Management Committee members supported by State Councillors from the regions. This is a structure that provides a wide range of support services to members indicative of a proactive, professional association.

QASEL works with and on behalf of members to ensure that quality learning environments and the well-being of school leadership teams and are key objectives on the educational agenda. QASEL provides a voice at the highest levels within the Government and Department of Education (DoE) on behalf of its members. QASEL is represented on the National Principals Association Australian Special Education Principals Association of which QASEL members are also members.

Roselynne Anderson

Our vision is to develop and sustain quality and innovative leaders in disability and inclusive education in Queensland.



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Phone: 0418 715 359